The new Jetbike O2: the best in individual spabiking

With the JetBike O2, we're offering you the most highly refined, top-of-the-range product on the market:

900 litres of water

Thanks to its water recycling system, the Jetbike O2 is the only aquabiking set-up which offers an impressive water volume of 900 litres, along with 40 massage jets spread all around you, for a true whole body SPABIKING experience

Water treatment

The water treatment system means you don't have to throw away hundreds of litres of water after each session, which is of course extremely beneficial for the environment, but also offers enormous financial savings, because the cost price per session is divided by 7!

Economical to use

As well as being more environmentally friendly, the water treatment system offers financial savings: the JetBike unit cost per session is up to 7 times cheaper than other individual aquabiking cabins.

Super fast filling

The cabin fills up to 900 litres in just 90 seconds!

Here, speed truly is key, because slower filling times (up to 6 minutes) make sessions longer, wasting time and irritating your clients.


The water is constantly filtered, treated to food grade standard and refreshed by 30 litres of water per session in line with current hygiene legislation.

A 3 in 1 concept

Spa / Aquabike / Aquarunning. The aquarunner (treadmill) is an integral part of the Jetbike 02. The bike, positioned and secured above, is very easy to remove. This means you can easily offer the exercise your clients prefer, introduce something completely new, or reach out to a wider target market

Simple to use

You don't need to be a qualified engineer to manage your centre - with the Jetbike 02, everything is automated to limit human intervention to a strict minimum: enjoy the benefits of automated maintenance (both daily drainage & complete drainage) and automated upkeep. No need for human intervention each evening as is the case with many other models.

Top of the range finish

  • Epoxy tank
  • Semi-automatic door closing
  • Stainless steel parts function in both fresh water and sea water

Simply plug in and sit back!

With the Jetbike O2, there's no hard work required, simply plug in and sit back!
All you need is:

  • A cold water inlet
  • A water outlet
  • A power supply
  • No gravity drainage system required
  • This is a state-of-the-art, highly compact technical set-up

Your Jetbike, your colour

With the Jetbike O2, there's no hard work required, simply plug in and sit back!
The jetbike is available in 6 colours: Pure White, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Fusion Grey, Intense Black and Hot Pink.
Other paint colours are also available, all you need to do is ask! (optional extra)


Why choose the new jetBike O2?

  • 900 litres of water
  • 40 jets
  • 4 RGB chromotherapy lamps
  • Recycles water
  • Fills in 90 seconds
  • Economical to install
  • Exceptional finish
  • Eco-friendly