A complete concept

The So Forme centre concept combines unique, patented products with technical guidance at every stage of your project set-up.

You benefit from marketing & web support from the moment your customised communication pack is created and throughout your time with So Forme (newsletters, support, ready-to-use marketing materials and more)

You get to open your very own aquabiking centre, managing your business independently, but still benefit from the strength of an established network and brand.


with the JetBike 02, we're offering you an extremely refined, latest generation aquabiking product (high quality, excellent results, extremely hygienic, low running costs).

By combining the quality of the jetbike 02 with your tailored marketing & web package (all you need to get you started) and ongoing operations support (to promote your centre and enhance your communication), you benefit from a complete concept at a truly excellent price.

A complete concept with no joining fees or royalties based on your turnover or the number of machines!


Technical guidance

Our technical teams will guide you through every stage of your set-up:

  • We'll help you to plan your JetBike 02 installation
  • We'll check the technology in your premises
  • We'll check your plans and machine set-up
  • Your project manager is always just a phone call away to help with your technical questions
  • Delivery/Installation
  • Activation
  • Training

Priority referral and free trial system

Approved centres enjoy priority referrals on the portal. The portal includes a contact form/trial session function which can be helpful in generating new contacts.



Initial Communication Pack

Together we create your customised communication pack, your website and your window (optional extra). This gives you all the tools you need to launch your enterprise and focus on your business development, including your flyers, posters, price lists, appointment cards, recommend-a-friend cards, and more...


Your centre's website

We create the website for your aquabiking centre.

Your website may include other slimming or fitness services you provide.

The site is 'responsive', meaning it can be viewed on a tablet (such as an iPad) or a smartphone (such as an iPhone).

We take care of the hosting and administration of your site. As part of your marketing & web support contract, we also ensure the content of your website is always up to date with all your latest news, promotions, new machines and tariffs.


Marketing & Web Support Contract

So Forme centres also benefit from a marketing and web support contract, to enhance your business communication and online presence right from the very beginning of your venture. Each month, we'll provide you with different activities to promote your centre and enhance your communication materials.

We'll also establish partnerships with prestigious brands to increase visibility and generate traffic.


What the press are saying

So Forme has an extremely active PR team who work hard to generate press articles on both the Jet bike itself and on So Forme centres. All articles can be downloaded for free here


Social networks

So Forme is also active on Facebook & Twitter. Both of these major social networks are an excellent way of generating referrals



A growth market

Increasingly well-known

A complete and refined concept

An extremely broad target population

Unique, patented products

Marketing & web support

"Hands free" care for increased profitability